The construction management. 

This decision of the client can either make or break the mood of the project. This is because of the importance of a contractor in the execution of a project since the contractor is the one who is fundamentally carrying out the actual construction work. A bad contractor not only incurs huge losses both for himself and the client but also tarnishes the image of the whole project and the team associated with it. In view of this, a client should critically examine different approaches toward the project procurement, and then work out the most appropriate contractor to execute the project.

It is evident from the government’s interest and involvement in the development of the building that a contract is a public contract. The building is meant to serve the purpose of upgrading the city standard and facilitate the local residents. In the context of the case under discussion, certain assumptions need to be made in order to examine the suitability of different types of construction procurement methods in the light of the project conditions. The assumptions are as follows:

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The construction management. 
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To limit the number of bids, the owner intends to conduct a prequalification phase to facilitate selective tendering. Therefore, the owner mentioned certain specific criteria for the eligible contractors while opening the tender. It is noteworthy, that the owner has asked the interested companies to submit the value of fee they desire to draw for offering their supervision to a project that would be fully financed by him, in the bid. This shows that the owner has opted for a Cost Plus Fee type of Construction Management procurement method. Also, the owner is interested in receiving bids only from those contractors, who have already had some past experience with the projects of similar nature and scope. Additionally, the interested companies need to present the proof of availability of the required staff educated and trained in& management practices, and other resources that the owner feels necessary for a construction manager to be equipped with, in order to ensure efficient supervision of the project.&nbsp.

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