The Concept of Distance Learning at a University.

A new concept that has emerged from the World Wide Web is of education on the web: E-learning [1], [2]. E-learning has provided students with an opportunity to learn even after school hours. Through such platforms, they can interact with their teachers, fellow students [3]. Saudi Arabia has launched its efforts in the field of e-learning. it is being used in several schools and universities [6], [7], [8].

The following figure shows the results of a study conducted by Al-Nuaim [11], in which students were compared on the basis of their performance when some of them were taught the same content face-to-face and some were taught online.

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The Concept of Distance Learning at a University.
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King Abdulaziz University is named after the establisher of Saudi Arabia. It was made in 1967 with the vision of spreading quality education in the western part of the country. It is located in the city of Jeddah.

A group of entrepreneurs went to King Faisal with the proposal of making a university of the world-class standard so that their youth can also compete with the world. King Faisal gave his full support to the idea and announced that it will be a national university. A committee was formed which was headed by King Faisal himself [4]. It has contributed to the field of e-learning to a great extent due to which Deanship of Distance Learning was established in 2004 [10].

The university has the objective to spread the knowledge of Islamic values and the highest quality of academic knowledge. They want to promote the element of innovative, superior and comprehensive research in a diverse range of fields so that they can play their part in the development of the society. Their objective is to make their students competent professionals who possess exceptional skills [4].

The university has more than 120,000 students. there is an almost equal ratio between male and female students [11].

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