The cold war (1945.

Firstly, propaganda is used for opposition. Through spread of propaganda, an individual draws supporters who believe in him/her. In relation to the cold world war, the Soviet Union historically experienced frequent invasions from Russia, and immense death with subsequent destruction (Shaw 21). They sought to increase security by seeking assistance form neighboring countries. It is depicted that both the U.S and Soviet Union competed in building of nuclear bombs, which they used in their attacks. For instance, rockets developed were used to send astronauts and satellites in space. Joseph Stalin, a subsequent leader had his own version of the Soviet Union as a ‘Socialist island’. The Soviet propaganda was enhanced. From his perspective, he had the notion that the Soviet Union was to attract other countries to capitalism during the period of temporary capital stability before its ultimate collapse. He believed that in order for the Eastern Bloc countries to escape Soviet control, it was necessary to establish an economic integration with the west.

The manner in which information exists in both history and literature and further how knowledge is distilled proves how each overlaps with the other. In both, how a story is presented is as important as it is the subject matter (Dean 5). It was during February 1945 when allied negotiations attributed to the post-war balance at the Yalta Conference took place. The main aim was to enhance multi-national peace, but the efforts were paralyzed by the individual’s ability to use veto power.

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The cold war (1945.
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Further still, both allow a fundamental distinction between history and memory. This is because whatever is portrayed in both is then, as opposed to memory, which is now. Through critical management of documentary, it is possible for history and literature to get close to history as possible (Dean 7).

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