The Chosen People.

Secondly, I will look at their overall responsibility in the society. In this regard, those who contribute greatly in the society will be chosen for rescue and those who contribute little to the society will be left at the mercy of God. The survivors’ contribution to the society will also include the family responsibility since there are those who have a lot of responsibility, which means that their death may impact hugely on a number of people who depend on them. Thirdly, age will be a great factor that I will consider in choosing the survivors. In this regard, I will give preference to children and youths to the old. This is because children and youths still have a lot to be done as far as development of the society is concerned.

A bartender has been chosen among the survivors because of the responsibility he has in the society. For instance, according to his profile, we are told that he has a wife and six children to take care of. This implies that if he is left to die in the desert, then the society will bear the greatest loss since there will be no one to help his wife and children. This will certainly lead to instability in the society. Functionalism maintains that the society is interdependent and is brought closer by social cohesion, which the entire society consent to. Therefore, based on functionalism perspective, which emphasizes on the maintenance of stability in society, the bartender will have to be rescued as noted by Schaefer (8). The shoe shiner is also going to be rescued based on a similar ground since he appears to be the breadwinner for the five children whom he left back home.

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The scientist will be rescued based on his contribution to the society. This means that his loss will is likely to be a big blow to the society that depends on his great scientific inventions

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