The Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Frank was also the choice of the outgoing CEO, Frank Donnelly. This analysis will first identify Innostat’s problem and clearly define it. the next step will be to determine the various decision criteria available to Stephanie, analyze the identified decision criteria, various courses of action available to Stephanie will be generated using the analysis carried out, these courses of action will be appraised and finally this analysis will determine the most optimal course of action available to Stephanie Fortas to turn around the fortunes of Innostat. As enumerated by Mintzberg (1975) Stephanie will have to perform many different roles as the CEO of Innostat.

Innocent was a world leader in manufacturing prosthetic appendages and surgical implants. Surgery is a continually evolving field with a rapidly changing technological profile. Any firm that caters to this niche segment should be able to keep pace with the changing requirements of the markets and continually offer new products. The utility of these products to the surgeons has to be ensured by constant interaction between Innostat and the surgeon community. Innocent had not offered any new products for the past four years and this was directly impacting the company’s bottom line. Innocent has to regain its ability to innovate. Some aspects of the Karpin Task Force’s (1995) recommendation are valid with respect to the need for flexibility and change for the various department heads of Innostat.

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The Chief Operating Officer
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The next issue is the problem of motivating Innostat’s workforce. The death of Jack Donnelly has created a void in the company’s top leadership echelons. This has been compounded by the extremely personalized and forceful leadership style of Jack Donnelly. Stephanie Fortas should reassure the staff and motivate them to perform better. The principles of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as specified by Steers and Black (1994) and Deci are relevant in developing a motivational model for Innostat.

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