The Causes of Violence and Crime in Urban Areas.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Causes of Violence and Crime in Urban Areas. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. These communities tend to have congestions and other issues that fuel violence and illegality.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the main causes of illegality and violence in today’s society. To this end, the paper will evaluate the relevant theories and concepts that come together to define the causes of violence and crime in urban areas and communities around the world.

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The Causes of Violence and Crime in Urban Areas.
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The theory put forward by Dunk indicates that many cities have a history of being built by male workers who form the core of the working class. Hence, they build the city and come up with some radical responses to the kinds of deprivations and challenges they go through (Dunk, 1991). Social inequalities and challenges, therefore, create a system in which these male residents of cities have to demand changes and improvement. This often involves some violent and illegal practices that might not exist in other communities around the world.

The collapse of the traditional social structures as the case may be in a conservative nation gives room for the formulation of gangs which fills the void created by the absence of caring and tight-knit families (Sanchez-Jankowski, 1991). This implies that urbanization creates a system and network within which some people in the society are required to form gangs and organized crime entities to survive throughout their stay in urban centers. This is because in the trying and demanding conditions of urban life, most people tend to stick together and form criminal organizations and entities that will protect their interests. These groups replace traditional social and cultural systems that might exist in the traditional family system.

In other situations, social inequalities in a given urban center cause various people and various groups to come up with resistant groups and these groups seem to organize people according to circumstances to demand their rights (Sen, 2007).&nbsp.

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