The Burning House by Anne Beattie

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The Burning House by Anne Beattie. Currently, we are going through forest fires where many families lose everything due to this natural disaster. When reading the title, I imagine that Anne Beattie would describe how a family loses everything due to this disaster. On the contrary, this story is about deceit, adultery, homosexuality in a house, that is, the burning house means that the house is full of mystery every protagonist knows the secret of one. I believe the psychological criticism approach because exploring their human behavior. The moon continually changes due to the position of the sun. In this short story, the moon represents the constant changes that occur in people who are closer or not closer.

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The Burning House by Anne Beattie
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The married couple Amy and Frank appear to have a healthy relationship; Mark six-year-old son has emotional problems due to the family’s issues. Each of them has an extramarital relationship; Frank accept the unhappiness of his wife by saying that her environment is surrounded by men, while he already lost interest for her.

Frank’s half-brother of Freddy is gay and has two close friends JD and Tucker.  JD has a disappointment because he introduced Amy and Johnny later, he has a loving relationship, Tucker hidden his gay life.

Honestly, I did not like the story because had a sad end and many deceptions. I do not like the break of marriage for adultery. In the end, Amy asks her husband if he is going to stay or leave and he replies, “I’m already gone” (Beattie 29). I want to say again the moon is like the love of spouses changes constantly due to the presence of another person. But I also think that Frank is not a selfish man, he advises his wife that she is happy to be a good mother, insensitive to the fact that she should continue the school and thanks for having a good friend, she mentions that men are surrounding her only defect. He finally tells her that she should seek his happiness because he has already left.

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