The Book of Proverbs Written by Solomon.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Book of Proverbs Written by Solomon. The Bible has for a generation been awarded the characteristic of being a holy book, which was written by people inspired by God. In the Bible, Solomon considerably is the wisest man alive. This being considered, it is only logical that the principles he articulates in the book about business are fundamental to any person who undertakes business ventures.

In the book of proverbs, there are elements of the business that touches on the various ideologies. These elements are such as money, how to conduct oneself in business and trade, the offering and accepting of bribes and the view of work. Solomon has denoted each of this work as being vital for one to experience success in business and has to be taken under keen consideration at all times. Apart from these elements, there are more principles that all are based on the ethics that any businessperson should consider when dealing with fellow businesspersons and customers.

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The Book of Proverbs Written by Solomon.
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Money is the item that one exchanges for the benefit that could be a service or good. This element is vital in the trade as it considerably determines what amount of services one gets or how many goods one could successfully purchase. In the book of proverbs, there are several ideologies from the verses about money according to Solomon. In the book of proverbs (17:16), Solomon articulates that money can be good and there are ways it could be a source of problems. Under this statement, Solomon has a vital point that comes across to any person that could want to establish a business to earn some money. Money has the ability to end people’s problems in the sense that, using money, one could acquire whatever commodity he feels he is in need of, thus ending the sense of yearning for it.

From the same statement, he denotes that money could also be the source of problems, shows that money could land the same person who enjoys its benefits of it in trouble.&nbsp.

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