The Assessment of Information System.

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words paper on the topic The Assessment of Information System. It affects virtually all aspects of an organization, which distinguishes an organization from other organizations. Shafritz & Steven (2001 p 374) observed that organizational culture comprises the collective fundamental assumptions that an organization has adopted through careful consideration of their usefulness in approaching and solving challenges that face it in its daily operations.

Organizational culture influences organizational behavior which on the other hand is the manner in which individuals conduct themselves in an organization in relation to the organizational culture. The nature, role and impact of organizational information systems suggest that the development and introduction of Information Systems and IT need to combine both technological and human-centered methods within a framework or methodology informed from the social sciences since an information system is a social system by nature, whereas IT is meant to improve the effectiveness of humans. This essay is a critique of the human-centered methods, organizational culture, structure and roles, which are fundamental factors to be considered in Information Systems and IT development and management. The essay also presents how organizational culture and behavior impact the Information System development process.

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The socio-technical systems theory applies in this case, which explains the implication of the interaction between people and technology (Clarke & Lehaney, 2000 p 61). In essence, technology is supposed to facilitate workers to be effective in accomplishing their tasks. Development of Information Systems, therefore, needs to be focused on assisting employees to accomplish their goals, rather than changing their values and believes to satisfy the requirements of the Information Systems and IT. Designing and development of the Information system need to consider the social aspect of the workplace rather than considering solely&nbsp.the technical aspect.&nbsp.

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