The Art of Negotiation.

At a personal level, the thought of bargaining or negotiation does not cross my mind on an everyday basis. However, Moore and Woodrow (2010) contend that negotiation is an ongoing process in the life of an individual. This is because individuals always strive to make their lives better in one way or another. In the process, negotiation becomes critical as far as realizing the underlying outcomes is concerned. In this respect, it is eye opening to learn that bargaining and negotiating is a significant part of an individual’s experiences over time.

Whether negotiation takes place at an individual, social, economic, legal, political, or business level, it is evident that some individuals are better negotiators than others are (Thompson, 2009).An actual negotiator usually has certain characteristics. They are good listeners with high and reasonable expectations. Regardless of having a good knowledge of the topic, they give time to the other party to express themselves. To add on, they usually have the willingness to prepare on the area of discussion and are people of very high integrity (Kramer, 2001).

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In other words, the strategy and approach employed in negotiations are critical to the expected results. The success, effectiveness, and efficiency of the negotiator determine what the negotiator gains at the end. This is because the primary goal of negotiating or bargaining is emerge a winner as opposed to a loser. However, it is important to point out that negotiations encompass both winning and losing depending on the skills of the persons involved.

The art of negotiation in the business world usually has several steps. The first step is preparing on the right strategy. This mainly involves developing an intense knowledge for the matter at hand. With all the relevant knowledge it is easy for someone to negotiate and answer any question that may arise.

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