The Apprentice TV Program

The shortlisted contestants live communally in a suite at Trump Tower in New York City. The successful applicants become divided into two groups. The groups indulge in tasks set to stretch their creativity and business skills. Each group selects a project manager to lead them in the mission. The failing team leaves the competition. The remaining group then splits into two other groups. These undertake another task in the subsequent week. Elimination follows until three contestants remain. The competition ends with the selection of one participant who secures a one year contract in one of the business interests belonging to Donald Trump. The elimination is competitive with profitability heavily emphasized. Teams that make losses during their task face elimination. Elimination takes place in two phases. After failure, the project manager in charge of the team selects two to three people most likely to be the cause of poor performance. The other members get dismissed while the project manager and the selected members face Trump in the boardroom where their fate awaits. Executives from selected companies interview the finalist duo from which Trump hires the apprentice.

The apprentice TV program places its basis on apprenticeship. It is one of the oldest forms of work-based learning. The traditional system, however, lacked sufficiency causing variance in quality. A time-based apprenticeship presents the most benefits to both an organization and a prospective worker. It forms a strategic approach to learning in a field of work as opposed to possession of certain skills. Apprenticeship allows workers to absorb values and ideas of a field of trade. Placement into apprenticeship varies with company’s policy. Some firms prefer young people straight out of school while others prefer new learners in the team (Cunningham et al, 2004, pp.62).

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The Apprentice TV Program
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