The Applied Psychologist in Organizational Culture.

The social science of Psychology has proven to be highly relevant in today’s world.&nbsp. Its broad scope encompasses all areas of human behaviors in the fields of Education, Family Life and Human Development, Health, Personality, Industry, among others.

In work environments, Psychology is greatly influential in determining the productivity, morale and motivation of workers. Applied psychologists have become saving factors when it comes to organizational problems. Managers and supervisors having difficulty in effecting changes in their departments call on psychologists for advice, who in turn serve as organizational development consultants.

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The Applied Psychologist in Organizational Culture.
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Mostly, applied psychologists help out in facilitating change in organizations, as most workers find change intimidating after settling into a comfortable work pace. Psychologists also become instrumental in resolving employer-employee conflicts that usually ensue from stressful conditions in the work environment. They draw from their knowledge and experiences in stress management, behavior modification and psychological interventions.

Organizational development draws on psychology as a basic discipline, particularly social psychology (group dynamics and small group theory), clinical and counseling psychology (diagnostic and counseling methods, personality theory), and industrial psychology (attitudes and motivation).” (Friedlander, 1980) From this viewpoint, it seems that applied psychologists in organizations are indispensable professionals. They take care of keeping the work environment humane in spite of its fast-paced culture and sometimes, rather the mechanized approach to productivity.

Managing emotions is one aspect of developing professionalism in the workplace. It is not expected though, that workers maintain positive emotions all the time, no matter how ideal it seems. “Happiness, optimism, and mental health hold a similar place in clinical psychology and psychiatry that job satisfaction holds in I/O psychology.&nbsp.

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