The achievements of a student who completed an internship at a cvs pharmacy.

 the achievements of a student who completed an internship at a cvs pharmacy. I. Introduction Undergoing an internship program is very beneficial for a like me. Especially in Pharmacy where abstract concepts, theories lists of various drugs taught in classroom setting can sometimes difficult to learn because we cannot relate to its practical use. Going through an internship program provided me the rare opportunity of what a pharmacist does in a real world setting and understand it better.

As a student, it also provided me the opportunity to know myself, my capabilities and my limitations as a would-be pharmacist which would otherwise be impossible to learn in a classroom setting. This personal insight about my “self” is very important so I would know on which areas I need to work on to become a better pharmacist in the future.

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 The achievements of a student who completed an internship at a cvs pharmacy.
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II. My Internship

I never had an experience working in a pharmacy before. This internship program is my first exposure in the real world setting of pharmacy. Indeed the reality differs from a classroom setting. One of the most obvious differences I noticed in my two weeks of internship is the difference between the real world setting and classroom setting. In the real world, people are just very busy to have the time to give counseling which on the other hand is painstakingly taught in the classroom.

In the two weeks duration of the program, I have acquainted self with the duties and responsibilities of the different functions in a pharmacy, the workflow of a pharmacy in a community setting, the different services and activities that are provided in a CVS pharmacy and the different technologies and systems that are used to avoid medication error.

During my internship, I was also able to apply what was taught in class such as reading prescriptions, understanding patient’s profile, filling a prescription and using different means to avoid medication error. I also acquainted myself with some of the most frequently prescribed medications. The top 130 most frequently prescribed drugs (the generic and brand names and their uses) that were taught in class was also covered during my internship.

III. Conclusion

The internship program was really beneficial to pharmacy students like me. Experiencing the application of classroom lecture made it easier for me to understand concepts which I had difficulty understanding before. To this, I am grateful to those who designed the program and incorporated it in our curriculum and for those preceptors who volunteered to share their time and expertise to let us grow professionally.

I had a high expectation when I started the program. I expected that this internship would enable me to apply the things I learned in class. My specific goals in the final two weeks of rotation at CVS includes: knowing in detail the different activities that are practiced in a community pharmacy, the most important drugs and the key duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist. After completing the program, I must say that these expectations were met and realized.

Again, I am grateful to those who made the program available to students.

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