TGIF and the OD Process

Small companies can choose to motivate employees in a number of ways, and some decide to use “happy hour” events as their method. As a company grows, so does the risk involved in using happy hour as a core component in a culture’s motivation strategy. Reputations can be lost and legal lines can be crossed, yet the culture is difficult to change in response to this. As an OD consultant, the Chief Legal Counsel has called you in to lead the company through this change.

Use research from the Online Library to support your answers to the following questions. The Online Library is accessible through the Resources tab. Be sure to cite your research sources.

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TGIF and the OD Process
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  • What is the anticipated need for change based on the happy hour scenario?
  • How would you, as the OD consultant, approach the employees and management to build a relationship?
  • How would you diagnose the problem? What are your possible solutions?
  • Which solution for change will you choose and why? (Be sure to use research to support the viability of your solution.)
  • How would you suggest monitoring and stabilizing the new processes you put in place?
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