Textbook Exercise 4.4.1


Textbook Exercise 4.4.1

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Textbook Exercise 4.4.1
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Rewrite the following statements in standard form:

1.               Needed are a couple of good ideas to help get this off the ground.

2.                If this group is a cult, then it is not worth joining.

3.               Baseball fans cannot watch the World Series unless they have cable.

4.               If it’s a real coin, then it will not be rejected.

5.               Philosophers are the only academics who care about the Good.

6.               There is a hair in my soup.

7.               Being a fast runner is not a quality shared by all professional athletes.

8.               At least this book was worth reading.

9.               Not everyone who votes is going to vote for a major party candidate.

10.            Nothing is meaningful about vacuous statements.

11.            There is no taxation without representation.

12.            Not just any random noise can be considered music.

13.            Buildings contaminated with asbestos present a serious cancer risk.

14.            Snakes can be non-poisonous things.

15.            Whoever wrote this song had a big impact on everyone here.

16.            Any soldier can find herself or himself in mortal danger.

17.            Many patriotic Americans do not vote in presidential elections.

18.            Not a single fan showed up for Monday’s game.

19.            Many flowers bloomed last week.

20.            There have been many Republican presidents, G. W. Bush is one of them.

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