Tesco Stores Market

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 Tesco Stores Market

The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Tesco Stores has a strong corporate image which helps the organization to have a competitive advantage over the other players in the field. According to the latest research, the supermarket chain has investments in many other businesses, such as property management, a cloth branding line which has led to the success of the company.

The company is also accredited with the best marketing network that has made the company do well nationally and international, this is achieved by exporting products to other countries such as Germany and South Korea. The company also boasts of a large branch network has enabled it to capture a large clientele base. In order to sustain such a market, the Tesco has clear procurements and inbound logistics that it has put in place which it uses to ensure that its services are well delivered. Tesco (2007):

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 Tesco Stores Market
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 Tesco Stores Market
 Tesco Stores Market

Like any other marketing decision, choosing a channel supplier require a lot of thoughts and vast research in order to determine who can qualify to supply the company’s products more effectively and efficiently in a way that it will meet the company’s production objectives and overall procurement targets. A company has to consider some major factors before choosing its suppliers.

Financial stability is very important in ensuring success level of any business organization, companies with financial power have an advantage when it comes to supplying because they have the ability to expand their volume in relation to increased demands of the Tesco or they can easily acquire new technology to and value to their products.

Tesco looks for a supplier with sound financial and credit management so that he can easily supply products without financial hindrance. Sound credit management will allow a supplier to receive some credit facilities from different financial institutions which are vital in running a supplier enterprise. At the same time, shareholders and other stakeholders will only have confidence in a supplier with sound financial and credit management. (Louis, et al, 2006)

Production Strength

Louis et al (2006) state that a supplier will only be effective if he can easily and effectively supply goods or service from to a client consequently, before selecting a supplier, Tesco have to ensure that the supplier member can easily and efficiently supplier the required materials to the company without due delays. The level of supplying and coverage of the supplier is considered to know how effective it is.

Product Lines, The type of product will definitely dictate the kind of supplier to recruit. As pertaining to the supplier for the Tesco supermarket chain, the supplier will have to be able to supply a large number of various products that the supermarket deals in. at the same time, Tesco chooses a supplier who has all the relevant certifications of the product safety measures which are required by the different concerned bodies to ensure that it gets what is safe.

 Tesco Stores Market
 Tesco Stores Market

How the receipt and warehousing or input is handled Warehousing Tesco remains one of the biggest retail chains in Europe, the chain supplies various kind of products it its customers using more than 1800 store located in UK and 250 in Europe.

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