Terrorism and the Media.

However, research continues to show that as much as the enlightening of people on the happenings with regard to matters terrorism continues to influence people psychologically. Debates on whether such news ought not to transmitted have been held with controversy looming on the possibility of rights of citizens with regards to freedom of speech, as well as, freedom of information as exercised by broadcasting houses arising (Hoffman, 2006). A thorough analysis on the issue of broadcasting terrorist activities and successes and the psychological impacts they hold on various groups of people will be discussed borrowing from credible scholarly journals and articles. Also, the issue of whether it is reasonable to limit broadcasting the same will be visited with the effect the same will have on the freedoms of information and of speech as provided for in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The war on terror that started in the year 2001 has since an increase in terrorism attack. By and large, there is a correlation between transmitting news about terrorism and the happening of terrorism. As such, it should be noted that the continual broadcasting of terrorism and the successes that follow have instigated a feeling of the terrorism group to continue with their unfortunate activities considering that many people are excited by the happenings of the same.

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There have been arguments that the broadcasting of terrorism news has had a positive impact on various groups of people which are contrary to the belief that the broadcasting of the same will lead to psychological torture (Pape, 2008). Truth be told, there are many atrocities that are placed on media that are damaging terrorism being one of them. Considering that thousands of people across the world are affected directly or indirectly is a major cause of concern. 

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