HLS4239Instructions: Answer each question separately in 300 words or more. In APA format and cite all work in APA format as well. I will upload all reading material that will help in answering the question.Discussion Question#1In the book Guns, Germs and Steel the author identifies three primary factors that allowed Tribes to develop more quickly in Eurasia. (Continental Axis; Presence of large Mammals; Presence of easily cultivated Plants) Which of those factors is the most important? And why is it most important? Can one of the factors make a significant impact without the other two factors?(Read: 23 Guns Germs and Steel (2 pages).doc FILE IS UPLOADED)Discussion Question#2What role did the United States play in establishing the United Nations after World War II? Does the United States continue to have the same role in the United Nations that it had in 1948?Discussion Question#3Many Christian philosophers were drawn to Natural Law. Why do think that happened? (Reading 33A Natural Law Overview and Development)(Read: 33A Natural Law Overview and Development (4 pages).docx. FILE UPLOADED)Discussion Question#4Are Law Enforcement Officials more likely to embrace the “Ethic of Community?” (Reading The Righteous Mind Page 6)(Read: 34 The Righteous Mind – Moral Foundations – Haidt (17 Pages).docx. FILE UPLOADED)Discussion Question#5The English and Spanish speaking countries in the New World (the Americas) developed very differently. What were the critical factors in their development? Do you agree that these differences are still a factor in our modern world? (See page 3 in Reading 41 “Anglosphere-Inventing Freedom”)Read: 41A Common Law and Natural Law (5 pages).docx. FILE UPLOADED)Discussion Question#6Some historians believe that John Locke produced the most important philosophical works that had impact on our founding fathers. What were two of his most important ideas and how are they represented in today’s government?(Read: 44 John Locke’s Influence on the Founding Fathers (4 pages).docx. FILE UPLOADED)

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