term paper on Writing an open MEMO.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Writing an open MEMO. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. Having been dismissed three times, De La Campa still insists that she was discriminated against and her supervisors said words that were against her gender. Yes she has a case since the words spoken to her by her supervisor and employer are sexually discriminating and she therefore needs justice Answer No in these cases, first De La Campa appeals against her case with her employer and supervisors about her sexual arrestment. Having gone to three courts both dismissing her cases against her supervisors as containing no intentional inflictions of any emotional distress on De La Campa based on her sexual orientation. In this case, De La Campa alleges that Garcia and Teixeira subjected her to a pervasive and severe pattern of sexual harassment. This included and not limited to comments that were derogatory that were homosexually related, unwelcoming abusive conducts and acts that were directed to her due to her sexual orientation, and since she asked for her right to work freely without discrimination, all these were given to her. She claims that Teixeira advised her that Grifols was not very pleased by the way that she was sexually oriented and that this could lead to her termination. She also claims that she was excluded from social functions and corporate sponsored functions due to her sexual orientation.

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term paper on Writing an open MEMO.
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