Television has a negative influence on society

Television has a negative influence on society Introduction Presently, some people believe television has a negative influence on the society due to its diverse “illicit programs”. These people argue that, many of the programs’ material currently aired over the televisions contribute immensely to society’s moral decay especially among the youths (Mag). This is because of the youth’s vulnerable stage where they like imitating celebrities who according to them seem to be “cool”. This is in terms of dressing codes and sometimes behavior, hence loosing their morals and become indiscipline, which according to them affect the society negatively ( Conversely, I am convinced this is not true because television has numerous informational benefits to the society whereas the program to watch mainly is the selection of the viewer.

Many people think the current television’s programs are too violent for the growing children, where while growing up tend to believe that is how life is and especially when interacting with fellow peers. In addition, they also state that, it also encourages laziness and sedentary life because it is a passive activity. Hence, increasing cases inactive related illnesses like obesity, which leads to diabetes ( Additionally, some people have also strongly believed television usually desensitizes children due to its continuous reporting of atrocity and other similar incidences news like terrorism. Therefore, they grow up knowing that the best way to draw attention from the people, which is via committing a crime. However, television is extremely beneficial to the people inclusive of the children where the violent that many people argue to be harmful, recent studies have confirmed the contrary ( I do support these studies because certain levels of violence especially that found in children’s games, normally aids them to grow and be positively aggressive in life. Contending that television encourages laziness, and sedentary lifestyle among its viewers is&nbsp.not true, because being active in life is a personal choice. Therefore, I totally disagree with what numerous people’s argument that television influences society negatively (Mag). This is because people have the choice to make regarding, which programs to watch besides ensuring their children are viewing the right content. Television is a remarkably informative tool especially to the society where its right usage normally transforms people’s characters positively. For illustration, people can watch spiritual, motivational and personal development programs, which help them to advance life (

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 Television has a negative influence on society
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Contrary to how numerous people think television normally influences society negatively, I totally disagree because it is a highly informative tool to the society. Besides, people have the freewill to choose, which programs to watch as well as ensuring their children are viewing the acceptable content (Mag). Therefore, I tend to wonder how some people believe television influences society negatively whereas it is they are the ones’ who watching the wrong content. Additionally, in the world, there is no form of media, which is so fast in spreading the news to many people compared to television.

Work Cited Society Opinions: Does television have a negative influence on society? 2012. web. 10Th October 2012. &lt. Mag, Cruz, Hatol. Harvesting the benefits of educational TV. 4Th April 2010. Web. 10Th October 2012.

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