Television and Cultural Change.

Television and Cultural Change. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. One can dispute this claim by looking at the UK TV programme, ‘Crossroads’. With time, the definition of social classes has become dilute, as people no longer act in ways that show their social belonging. This paper seeks to explore the history of social class, taste and capitalism. At the end, be able to establish whether there is a link between the different phenomena.

In the twelfth century, most people lived in, the villages, as opposed to the few who lived in the towns. The town dwellers consisted of skilled labourers who the nobles paid for their upkeep for the various jobs they did. A great pandemic reduced the population significantly and led to few skilled labourers in towns. The nobles wooed people from the villages to come work in the towns by giving the skilled labourers a wage for the work done. With time, skilled labourers in the towns became rich, were able to leave the skilled labour, and became traders. This led to the development of trade to the extent that different nations traded with each other. Merchants came up, and they started investing their money to buy goods and sell them in a different place. This was how capitalism started and developed.

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Television and Cultural Change.
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Capitalism is a financial system where individuals or corporations solely do investment and make profits. In this economy, the private sector has the right to produce, dispense and exchange wealth without any interference. In capitalism, the government does not control or interfere with the making or distribution of the wealth of individuals (Holland, 1997). The system that controls the economy is the market prices of the goods as well as the profits incurred. Unlike the working class, the people that belong to the capitalism class do not get wages and money for their abilities.

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