Technology in a 5th Grade Math Classroom.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Technology in a 5th Grade Math Classroom. Children are able to perform numerous tasks academically as well as in their extra-curricular activities at the age of 10-11 years. With the introduction of the latest technologies at this age, it is going to add feathers in their caps and will lay a strong foundation for all the subsequent years and throughout their lives.

Keywords: Mathematics, technology, Internet, extracurricular, innovation

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Technology in a 5th Grade Math Classroom.
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Learning is a continuous process, with the advent of scientific technology and innovative methods in teaching. learning has become all the more fun. Institutions are therefore relying on information technology to endow students with skills necessary to express themselves in a better way as well as to internalize and recognize conceptual understanding and formulas. The features support contemporary education which has already gone global. As mathematics is the spine of all technical subjects, appropriate understanding makes it easy in incorporating the remaining subjects. In 5th grade, an introduction to basic mathematics is provided which lays the platform for complex formulas of higher grades. The integration of technology and technical know-how stimulates budding minds of young students in many ways as they start enjoying intricate math problems in subsequent levels. Students of 5th grade are introduced to basic formulas they are required to know and master for future applications. Children’s early approaches to learning (ATL) improve their adaptability to the requirements of schooling. An early approach to learning was found to be beneficial for children irrespective of their race and ethnicity (Li-Grining et al., 2010).

To promote learning, schools have replaced the typical chalkboards with electronic whiteboards that make it easy for tutors to perform a variety of functions at the same time. This is not only healthy but efficient since learners and teachers can effectively interact with each other using web cameras if the teacher is not in the class. Math requires great brain power because it is derived from the mind, highlighting the fact that the learning environment must be accommodative to stimulate creativity in pupils.

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