Technology Failures.

Write 9 pages with APA style on Technology Failures. And this scenario induced a sense of gloom in the industry because the remaining industries were also facing the same financial problems. Iridium LLC was the first in introducing the satellite telephone industry in the market and it gained great fame in its period. So it’s worthwhile to discuss its plight. It’s a collection of roundabout 66 satellites and the system is using Inter -Satellite Links between the satellites. These Inter-Satellite Links provide switching of user data from one satellite to the other one and ultimately to the destination satellite. These links help in reducing the number of required gateways for communication. The Iridium technology was using 48 spot beams and Time Division Multiple Access methods for user capacity. Iridium was a project of Motorola with so many dreams. This project was started by the Motorola executive Barry Bertinger along with some engineers after the complaint of a farmer’s wife that

This complaint was a sort of challenge for the heroes of the industry. The heroes or engineers of the industry said no problem we can do it and would provide a constellation of the satellites that will enable us to ring every corner of the globe. To ring the globe needs a special consideration that this sort of communication requires special thoughts about cost issues for implementing Iridium. Due to the poor management and disappointing technology the Iridium project pushed the satellite phone technology into darkness.

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For understanding the failure of Iridium technology different factors are being considered to evaluate the disaster tale. The major reasons for failure of any project belonging to any domain are the same and these include bad planning, insufficient involvement of management or lack of management control, adoption of wrong marketing methods and adoption of flop technology in the sense that not considering the market trends.

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