technology and knowledge

I need some assistance with these assignment. technology and knowledge Thank you in advance for the help! The organization tracks various sectors starting from ‘aerospace and defense’, ‘chemicals, materials and food’, ‘consumer products’, ‘electronics’, ‘environment and energy’, ‘health care’ , ‘Information and Communication Technologies’, ‘Industrial automation’, and ‘transportation’. (Frost and Sullivan Research Archive, n.d.). The organization currently possesses more than 1800 industry consultants, market research analysts, technology analysts and economists. The organization has been such uniquely designed that it helps to integrate ‘training’, ‘research’, and ‘strategic growth consulting skills’ with the players in the industry.

The knowledge base mainly comprises of the researchers. The research analysts are supervised by the industry analysts and hence by the directors. There are ten client business units and each unit has its own director or set of directors. These groups require specialization of knowledge and expertise in the respective subject areas. The company mainly acts as growth consultant for its clients. (Frost and Sullivan: Home page, n.d.) In the year 1998 the organization saw the successful launch of the new division which was called “Stratecast”. This division was primarily built to perform actionable, conclusive, and insightful strategic analysis utilized by the telecommunications industry. The senior executives were involved in the critical ‘business strategy’, ‘technological strategy’ and ‘tactical strategy’ decisions. The organization has been able to serve its clients by developing tools which are invaluable in planning and forecasting their business. The company has also gone ahead and launched a comprehensive industry newsletter which has benefitted the clients in a big way. Clients are able to keep a track of the market trends and news.

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technology and knowledge
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