Technology adoption in modern enterprises

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Technology adoption in modern enterprises

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Technology adoption in modern enterprises
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In the recent past, the element of globalization has hastened a dire need for technological innovations and adoptions in businesses. Evidently, the success of an enterprise has a close link to the expansion protocols and use of technology in delivering the services to its direct clients. A modern business enterprise encompasses the components and the ability to adopt the rapid changes emanating from the innovations present in the modern world. Notably, the businesses taking the toll on more than one continent has to be at the forefront of technology utilization. In essence, such adoption covers all department, from communication, supplies management, staffing, and marketing to others. Holistic adoption is detrimental to eventual enterprises success.

Furthermore, there is a dire need for the firms to ensure that their intrinsic information is available for those with developing interest to invest in their products. For this reason, static, explicit, temporal data must be available on demand. Technological tools must be available to facilitate such storage. Staffs rich in such knowledge and skills even facilitate further the technological adoption in a business.

Any enterprise has to go along with the radical changes that have occurred. Modern advertising methods have to be at the inclusive end. Consequently, technology has permeated most organizations and brought changes not experienced before. Firms are encouraging the art of innovation through mentorship programs, exchange programs, and ushering in motivational rewards for the creative employees.

Technology adoption has positive implications for such enterprises. First, it improves communication processes, through internet, emails, and other multiple channels hence saving time. The staffing process works at ease, promoting the efficiency of screening, recruitment, selection, and hiring of the most proficient aspiring workers (Rangan & Sengul, 2009). Eventually, there is a quick flow of all activities and mobility. However, such adoption comes along with hindrances. High maintenance cost is the major challenge, and the firm must be proactive prior to technology adoption.


Rangan, S., & Sengul, M. (2009). Information technology and transnational integration: Theory and evidence on the evolution of the modern multinational enterprise. Journal of International Business Studies.

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