Technologies For Students With Disabilities.

Need help with my writing homework on Technologies For Students With Disabilities. Write a 250 word paper answering; who have disabilities such as a learning disability, can’t really do anything about this, as this is an incurable disease. Children who face such disabilities have problems in reading, writing, memorizing, organization, spellings and specially calculations.

Nowadays, such students can take great benefit from assistive technologies varying from high technology tools to simple and usable low tech gadgets. The main purpose of such tools and technologies are to assist students with disabilities to give up to their full potential, increasing their self-confidence and motivation to learn and prosper.

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Technologies For Students With Disabilities.
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Simple and easily usable tools for students will learning disabilities include:

Tape Recorders: Students with any sort of memory disabilities can use a tape recorder to help themselves to memorize more quickly and efficiently.

Calculators: Calculator makes complex calculations easy for students who are not goof with math.

High tech tools and latest technologies which could assist students will disabilities include:

Software that can read aloud written text

Speech recognition software that converts verbal text in written text

Grammar correctors that can edit spellings and tenses for students who are weak in grammar and tenses

These tools and technologies, specially design to help disabled students do not cost much and are easily available for a very reasonable price. Such technologies are important for these students because they reduce the dependency need of these students on someone. The skills of the students are polished, as they get the self confidence that they can finish things on their own.

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