Teaching/ Learning Process.

Needs assessment is a recurrent process that occurs through out the instructional curriculum. The process is capable of influencing a student’s placement, curriculum design, materials selection, and instructional program.

At the start of the program, needs assessment can be used to decide the course content, while during the program. it assures the program goals and learners goals are being achieved, and permits any necessary changes in the program. At the end of the program, needs assessment may be used for setting up future directions for the program and the learners (Marshall, 2002).

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Teaching/ Learning Process.
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Consider first year undergraduate nursing students as the target group learning a topic on Pain Management. Their medical knowledge is still shallow / basic. therefore, the language to be used should avoid ambiguous and contradicting word. They need as many examples as possible in order to understand the topic.

Pain Management refers to a branch of medicine that uses interdisciplinary approaches for reducing human suffering and improving their quality of life (Billings & Halstead, 2009). Having understood its definition, the students should identify the cause of pain, so they may be able to accord the necessary measures in alleviating the pain.

In order to carry out learners needs assessment appropriately and effectively, it is extremely vital to develop an assessment plan to guide you through the whole process. Thus, you will be able to describe the learners by asking oneself, who are they? When will the assessment be conducted? Who will do the assessment and how will he do it? Why conduct the assessment? Etc.

An assessment plan begins by stating the objectives: this is done in order to understand and answer questions like. what is it that I desire to learn from the needs assessment? What task should be accomplished? Objectives must be measurable, specific, reliable, and time conscious.

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