Teaching english as a foreign language

Secondly the immigration and migration rates to English speaking countries are quite high even after the low admittance rates existing in such countries. Therefore teaching and learning English as a foreign language has gained great impact. In view of this importance, the methodologies that are being applied are of great significance to people.

We would see about ten techniques for teaching English as a second or foreign language in this essay. Firstly a brief introduction shall be conveyed about each of them and some significant applications they could carry out in assisting the teaching of English as a foreign language. Secondly the author of this essay shall share the methodologies that she feels best about using and the argument she has for these choices.

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Teaching english as a foreign language
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The Traditional methods being studied include the direct method, the Audio Lingual approach, and the Grammar-translation method. Traditional methods have a history of focusing on grammar, structure, dictation, and appropriate handling and usage. The concepts though old are still not replaceable in all situations, and at one or the other time teaching English as a foreign language requires their application.

Direct Method. The Direct method does not believe in translation and permits students to comprehend meaning directly through the language meant to be learned. Pantomimes and visual aids are used to augment the vocabulary and produce a clear picture of things pertinent to the words. All communication is emphasized to be in the target language. The interaction between the tutor and the pupil becomes more interactive. Practices such as perception of context using intuitive guesses and hints from the teacher or completing the fill- ins are common in this methodology.

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