Target marketing for agrium inc.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses target marketing for agrium inc. A target market is a particular set s that a business organization aims to capture. Thispeople have needs and wants that can be satisfied with the products of the company. Agrium Inc. is a company that deals with the manufacture and production of agricultural nutrients and fertilizers. The company has its headquarters in Calgary, Canada, with branches in Denver, USA (Agrium, 2012).

This company is an agricultural company and, therefore, its products are for use in agriculture. Having based on this, their target markets are farmers and it aims to reach them through its wholesale, retail trade and advanced technology business unit. Agrium has approximately 500 retail units in South America and United States of America and they operate under the brand names of Crop Production Services, West Farm Services and Agroservicios Pampeanos SA (Agrium, 2012). The retail units deal directly with farmers in selling its agricultural nutrients and specialty fertilizers.

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Target marketing for agrium inc.
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Its affiliate, the Crop Production Services has a vision to be a leader in production of agricultural inputs in all segments of its market and in doing this. it has embarked on a policy to retain talented employees in its services so as to provide high quality services to its customers. The organization seeks to build its brand name by assisting college students achieve higher education by paying their fees.

Through its wholesale unit, the company provides nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers to retailers who in turn sell these products to farmers. The wholesale unit, in achieving its targets, treats its customers as partners in the business and it does this through honesty and integrity in dealing with them. The company has a distribution network of over 100 supplied by thirteen production unit and these results into timely supply of the products to their customers. The company has initiated technological devices such as Ag Tracker and loading hours to enable customers access critical product information and operating hours of various plants of the organization.

The advanced technological unit produces specialty fertilizers and focuses on environmental sustainability (Agrium, 2012). This unit targets consumers, agricultural and horticulture market and organizations engaging in sports such as golf, due to the profession turf. In achieving its objective, the company markets and sells its products through distributors in United States of America and Canada.

In conclusion, it has to be said that Agrium Company controls the largest market for agricultural nutrients and fertilizers worldwide. The company has seen a growth in its profitability and most recently, the company announced a dividend of $0.50 per share. This increase in the organization’s share dividend is a proof that its retail and wholesale units meet their objectives in relation to customer satisfaction.


Agrium Inc. (n.d.). Agrium Inc. Retrieved from http://www.agrium.

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