Taco Bell cases can be found as attached.


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Taco Bell cases can be found as attached.
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Taco Bell cases can be found as attached.  You may choose to be a group of managers for the company, or outside consultants who have been hired to help the firm deal with the crisis. All the information you need can be found in the case write-up in O’Rourke; do not do additional research on the actual case and how it turned out.

The task is:

  • -analyzing the causes for the crisis and the issues that it raises for the organization
  • -identifying the stakeholders in the crisis and how it impacts each
  • -developing a strategy for responding and a crisis communication plan that includes
  •     1. a prioritization of stakeholders and their informational needs (timeline)
  •     2. recommendations for the messages and channels appropriate for each

The goal is to minimize damage to the organization’s reputation, provide information to those who need it, and prevent further harm.

Present its findings and recommendations. You should provide enough background so that those unfamiliar with the case can follow you (salient facts: when, where, and how the crisis came about). 

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

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