Systems Effects on Entrepreneurs –

Write 3 pages. Make sure you match the required below.

Impact Paper #2:

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Systems Effects on Entrepreneurs –
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Systems Effects on Entrepreneurs –

1/ How do “macro systems” affect entrepreneurs, and the opportunities available to them?

2/ Explain how two or more systems (e.g., political, social-cultural, legal-regulatory, education, healthcare, etc.) influence functional systems implemented by entrepreneurs in a country other than the United States. 

Suggested Outline:

·        Introduction, tie with prompt, and thesis statement

·        Macro systems effects on functional systems in a particular country aside from the US

·        Example to support this from the popular press

·        Conclusion

Make sure you address: 

·        Clear display of how macro systems (technology, demographic, sociocultural, legal-regulatory, healthcare, etc.) and their influence on functional systems that entrepreneurs must implement (i.e., human resources, accounting, finance, reporting, safety, etc.)

·        How this is operationalized in a country outside the US

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