System Design and Operation.

Need help with my writing homework on System Design and Operation. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Having five operation units or machines lead to the expectation that these machines have different work capacity and efficiencies. thus, line processes are expected to take different times within these machines along the line. Assuming that these machines take 0.45, 1.35, 1.8, 0.6, 0.3 minutes of their individual operations consecutively and operating 15 hours a day that translates to 1080 minutes a day.

Using the same data it is apparent that the minimum cycle time = 1.8 minutes and the maximum cycle is obtained by summing all the time taking in conducting the task = A + B + C + D + E = 4.5 minutes.

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System Design and Operation.
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The output rate for the above systems = operating time per day/ minimum cycle time=1080/1.8 = 600 units per day. time per day/maximum cycle time = 1080/4.5 = 240 units per days.

The above calculations indicate that the selected output for the system’s line is within the range of 240 and 600 units per day. Thus, cycle time&nbsp.&nbsp. = operating time per day/desired output rate= 1080/600 = 1.8 minutes per day. Nmin&nbsp.&nbsp. = ∑t / cycle time = 4.5/1.8 = 3 stations.

There are usually problems with the continuous location problems especially when a firm wants to start two or more facilities in a highly competitive environment. The facilities in same service or product lines often exist in such areas. therefore, there are needs to locate a position properly and offer quality services and products at these new facilities in order to maximize profit in the new facilities. Nonetheless, the Continuous Multiple Facility Placement is a global optimization problem that affects many local optima (Stevenson 125). However, there are many ways of approach towards solving this problem including heuristics or the three-multi start location search, evolutionary algorithm variance, and multi-start simulated annealing algorithm. Of the three possible solutions pathways formulae, the evolutionary algorithm provides the best heuristics for the Continuous Multiple Facility Placement.

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