Synthesis Essay #2 Prompt—Making Connections

Over the last three weeks we have discussed the topics of language, expressive culture and art from an anthropological perspective. For your next essay you need to compare the two ethnographic examples of art forms, Hawaiianand Kalinga tattooing and the genre Heavy Metal music.  

1) Discuss Metal: A headbanger’s Journey in your group (Wed. in class)

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Synthesis Essay #2 Prompt—Making Connections
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​a) Discuss the stereotypes associated with Heavy Metal music.

​b) Why can Metal-Heads be considered a sub-culture? Why/Why not?

​b) What perspective does Sam Dunn utilize in his research?

2)From the videos Nā Loea: The Masters | Keone Nunes: Ancestral Ink and The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist, Whang Od

​a) What is the cultural symbolic value/s of Hawaiian Tattoos?

​b) What do they communicate about the individual or group? 

​c)What perspective is presented in the video by Keone/Whang Od?  

3) We have determined that language is a system of symbolic communication.  If art also communicates symbolically, do any of the following language concepts seem applicable to the structure and/or function of art? Include at least one in your essay:

     Langue–grammar and syntax (rules that make it understandable)

     Parole–language in motion (what people actually do with it—dynamic)

     Semantics– symbolic meaning

     Sapir and Whorf Hypothesis–constructing reality (or reflecting reality)

     Communicative Competence—Are you part of the group? Do you understand how to 

    communicate effectively? Do you understand the covert meaning?

4) Using specific examples from the threeethnographies, discuss the similarities and differences between the two art forms from an anthropological perspective (thinking with the fundamental analytical tools we have acquired during the first two weeks):

     Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey

Nā Loea: The Masters | Keone Nunes: Ancestral Ink

The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist, Whang Od

Paper length must be at least 500 words but no more than 800.  

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