Synopsis of the of Matthew in the Bible.

The book of Matthew is believed to have been written by Matthew who was one of the twelve apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Luke, he was also called Levi Luke (5:27) and was the son of Alphaeus (5:27)2. He was a tax collector by profession, a fact that qualifies him to have made such an account of the gospel. The date of writing of the book greatly depends on when the book of Mark was written as it is widely accepted that both Matthew and Luke relied on the book of Mark for accounts reproducing about 90 percent and 60 percent of it respectively. It is believed that the book could have been written somewhere between AD 55 and AD 603.

The book of Matthew is written to a church that majorly consists of the Jews, though adopting the basic structure of Mark, the author changes a number of perspectives of Mark. He adds extra accounts such as the genealogy of Jesus, his birth and resurrection among others as well as a number of teachings from Jesus. Matthew singles out Jesus as the Messiah that is to fulfil God’s purpose. This he does by tracing Christ’s genealogy through kings of the land of Israel. This is confirmed by both the Magi and King Herod who acknowledges that the infant Jesus is to be the king. Matthew also affirms Jesus as an authoritative interpreter of the law (Torah). In the church that Matthew belongs to the Jews uphold the Torah differently from other Jews, only that they accept Jesus’ interpretation as the correct one. This is evident in the way Matthew elaborately inserts the Sermon on the Mount being the first of the five long teachings of Christ as an example4.

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Synopsis of the of Matthew in the Bible.
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Matthew also connects Jesus to the experiences of God that the children of Israel had by quoting a number of scriptures that show such fulfilments.

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