SWOT Analysis for Furniture Brand.

The Raft company has enough strength to become a potential leader of the furniture industry. They have a good marketing strategy, in where they display their products for selling and the buyers can choose their product and place an order via the online site. To prepare this e-commerce site company had invested a lot with unique features. The buyers can purchase the goods over this site. However, few people have an idea about this company, and the company should promote their e-commerce via social media through which people can about this. Even the company has enough money and so they should do a unique thing to promote their business globally to attract more customers and allow some initial special discount of offers. However, the major weakness of the company is skilled labor, they are lacking professional carpenters, who re-modify the old goods or fixed the defected part of the furniture. So, the HR department of the company should hire some professional workers who have the capability to do this, and help to beat their competitors like IKEA. The company also should hire some professional trainers, who could train the old employees of the company. The company is also lacking a specialist to develop a good marketing strategy for the company’s benefit. The company should hire a specialist who had experience in this filed and helps the company to get out through this problem. The company needs to develop some unique strategy in their all functional department so that the Raft can build a strong image into the market.

The organization culture at Raft is very flexible. The maverick approach which they follow in designing their furniture requires them to have a casual approach towards the organization. Mick’s realizes that his company will not be the next IKEA so he is ok with the fact that they do not have a strict corporate culture. Moreover, his business strictly depends on online selling he does not need a strict corporate culture in his company as long as his products are selling. So the factor which highlights the organization culture of RIFT is the Maverick approach of doing business. This factor has the biggest influence on the organizational culture since it can showcase the way people work in the company.

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