Sustainable Engineering Design

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Design. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The political powers have played key roles in the share of the oil products. In addition, international environmental policies have demanded that there be a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gasses. Hydrogen and hydrogen-powered fuel cells are the better options as a means of achieving alternative sources of power. A fuel cell is concerned with converting chemical energy that is present in a fuel to be emitted as electricity. The process demands the use of oxygen. Hydrogen can be produced separately from varying components available naturally. The chemical processes that take place in a fuel cell demand a continuous supply of fuel and oxygen in order to sustain the production of electricity.

The most direct driver for clean energy sources, those are safe, secure and reliable amidst this economic competition is worth investing. The needs that the projected source should meet include the mitigation of changes in the climatic conditions, greatly reduce the amount of toxic levels of pollutants and set forth a clear plan for the ever-dwindling oil reserves. The above results must for some reasons be met without which the effects will be felt in the economy, the health aspects in societies and the environmental consideration. The efficiency in the use of energy, in line with a focus on the supply, and an inclination on the growing proportion of carbon-free sources is highly encouraged. To achieve objectives to power elaborated above, it is essential that hydrogen and electricity be ventured into to determine one of the best approaches to meet customer, economic and environmental needs. Hydrogen is regarded as an energy carrier. Hydrogen has regenerative characteristics because they can be produced from nuclear available sources, and the fossil-based energy system made use in the conversion.

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Sustainable Engineering Design
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