Sustainability in business.

Finally, the project presents some of the criticisms that the companies had to face and the steps taken by them to counter the charges.

Every business strives to attain sustainability in today’s world. Sustainability is an idea that every business tries to portray. A sustainable organization is one, which tries to maximize profit for its shareholders while protecting its environment and improves the lives of those it interacts with. The business operates with the view to meet the interests of society and environment. A sustainable business always stands the chance to achieve greater success in future and remain successful for decades and generations. This project talks about three such corporations which thrive on sustainability. They are the three Italian companies, namely Fiat, Pirelli and Luxottica. Each company has its own way of maintaining sustainability. Each has been discussed in brief in this project. The project also discusses the way each company has paved its way to recovery and success.

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Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer company that also deals with financial services, media, engine manufacturer and metallurgy. The company was founded in 1899 by a group of investors in Italy. With time the company diversified its operation in different parts of the world. In 2009, Fiat was considered as the sixth largest car manufacturer in the world and the largest in Italy (Ramsey & Forden, 2009).

Fiat is a multinational in true sense. The company has invested in many locations outside Italy. It has announced to invest 10 billion reais in Brazil by 2015. for developing facilities for cars, auto parts and agricultural machineries (Reuters, 2010).

The company came into existence in 1899 and soon it was a great hit in the automobile industry. The company faced its first crisis after World War-I. At that time the company acquired a low cost mass production technology and introduced several new models.

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