Superintendent Office.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Superintendent Office. Additionally, political developments within the district where the superintendents operate also infringe the course of service delivery and responsibility fulfillment by the representatives. Such politics include the processes of election leading to the selection of the board of governors alongside other education leaders in the district. These factors considered relating to the case that superintendent Mark faces within his locality of administration.

The federal and state guidelines institute the position of the Superintendent within the district to operate in their capacity of overseeing education in the district (Sofo, 2008). The Superintendent is the CEO of the district school board and manages the entire responsibilities spanning from the hiring of staff to overseeing the education standards, budget, and resource planning and allocations and being the contact point to the government agencies (Sofo, 2008). Therefore, with these immense responsibilities, this core person in the education sector faces remarkably overwhelming challenges that institute the need to establish strong administrative guidelines. The federal and state laws are key in guiding the roles of the superintendent office, as they facilitate the regulatory frameworks of the office.

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First, the roles and responsibilities of the superintendent office are outlined within the confines of the federal law and recognized accordingly by each of the state laws as established. Thus, the federal and state laws influence the role of the superintendent accordingly from this perspective, that they facilitate and ensure the protection of the office from abuse and malpractices (Meek, 2012). The establishment of the responsibilities means that the superintendent office enjoys protection from the political influences that may impair the course of the decisions that the person in the office makes regarding education.

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