Style of Leadership

Style of Leadership Style of Leadership Participative leadership style is the most effective to run an organization because the leader involves the entire team when there is a need for input, ideas and observations (Baack, 2012). Though the final decisions rest entirely on the participative leader, there is a high probability of the leader making the right decision. This is as a result of the involvement of the entire team who give not only a variety of new ideas, but also provide different methods of solving problems (Baack, 2012). Additionally, it is because all the team members approach the problem in unique ways due to the skills they possess. Thus, this gives more than one solution to a problem which can help solve a problem requiring more than one overall solution. The massive unique ideas provide different angles of solving a problem. With the characteristics expected from a leader, being well liked can help achieve these traits (Baack, 2012). Just mentioning a few. interested in change, open minded, good communicator, and being open to change all go down to having a good relationship with the employees. This good relationship is also important between the employees. It helps the parties earn respect without necessarily having to demand it in whatever way. Though the results matter a lot, being well liked by the employees really is also critical it creates an excellent working environment, and this can add to the success of the organization. In conclusion participative leadership style is the most effective to use when running an organisation (DuBrin, 2001). This due to the level at which the team members are involved, and this makes them easily accept changes in an organisation since they feel they are part of the organisation due to the involvement. Results matter a lot in any organisation, but there is a need for the employers to relate well with their employees because it can help in the performance of the overall team. A good relationship can be achieved by ensuring the presence of a good relationship.s


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Style of Leadership
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