student of mathematics better

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Is a more able student of mathematics better at estimating the length and weight of an object than a less able student. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. I decided to specify the units of measurement because some students, such as those from Britain or USA, also use the imperial system of measurement. I have restricted the population of students to girls in my school as it has been proven in the past that the two sexes do have different spatial abilities. Therefore I believe that using boys could have an effect on the results by adding the additional variable. The pen has a length of 14.5cm and a weight of 12 grams.

I believe that people who are in the higher mathematics sets will be more able to guess the length and weight of an object with more accuracy than those in the lower sets. This investigation will examine the innate aptitudes of people: abilities that are not usually learned from a textbook. In addition, I believe that those who are better at guessing the weight will, in general, be better at guessing the length. I also believe that the estimates of length will be more accurate than the estimates of the weight.

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student of mathematics better
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The data was analyzed by viewing several graphical aspects. The groups were compared using the percentage of error on length and weight. An additional chart was created to analyze overall error and predict the trend for a larger sample.

As can be seen, the higher level group was consistently more accurate than the studies level group. The mean error (from data tables) for the higher level group was 4.1 grams, while the studies level group had a mean error of 5.45 grams.

The estimation of length shows that the higher level set was more consistent, but the studies group had 4 samples that were as good or better than any of the higher set. However, the overall mean for the higher set was lower with a mean error of 3.8 cm., while the studies set had a mean error of 4.4 cm.

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