Stress reduction intervention and management.

1982). In extreme forms, it can have consequences that are more serious such an increased heart rate, palpitations and even cardiac arrest that could be fatal.

Researchers have found that despite the belief that events causes stress, it is actually the human perception and reaction to them that brings the stress. HeartMath researchers for example have been engaged in a study of stress for the last two decades and they provided empirical backing for the above claim (Childre & Rozman, 2005). In one of their studies, they asked people what was their main course of stress. majority of them said that would often feel stressed when they did not have enough time to do what they need to do. The feeling of not having enough time was found to be the actual cause of stress rather than not actually having time. That feeling results in anxiety, which ultimately results in the building up of stress. The fact that most people have proven incapable of appropriately addressing such emotions in a healthy way is the reason stress has become such as burgeoning epidemic in the contemporary world.

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Stress reduction intervention and management.
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For most people, stress is depressing because of not only its primary causes but also the knowledge of the fact that the problems will not go away. There will only be so many hours in a day and if one has financial problems, the bills will still keep coming whether or not they are stressing them (Chiesa & Serretti, 2009). Stress management intervention can be done either with the help of a doctor or therapist or as an individual pursuit if it is not very acute. Concisely, it requires that one take charge of their emotions, thought process and the manner in which they deal with their problems.

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