Stress and Its Relationship to Human Health.

I will pay for the following article Stress and Its Relationship to Human Health. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Stress is one of the major contributing factors of “an unhealthy state of body and mind” (International Stress Management Association, 2014). In line with this, roughly 75% of the U.S. adult population is currently experiencing some forms of stress whereas 91% of the adult population in Australia had experienced the adverse health consequences of stress at least at one point in their lives (Global Organization for Stress, 2014). Between 2010 to 2011, as much as 1,152,000 people in the UK had experienced stress, and that 400,000 of these cases contributed to work-related diseases (International Stress Management Association, 2014). In the case of the Republic of Ireland, the Central Statistics Office reported that at least 13,000 people in this country have suffered from work-related stress back in 2009 (Dobbins, 2010).&nbsp.

Managing excessive stress is one of the main challenges that most healthcare professionals are concerned with worldwide (Everly & Lating, 2013: 4). To learn more about the relationship between stress and human health, it is necessary to first identify the main causes of stress.&nbsp.

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Stress and Its Relationship to Human Health.
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Life’s stressors can be classified as either internal or external. In line with this, external stressors are all about environmental factors that are not within the control of a person whereas internal stressors are negative feelings or negative thoughts that can adversely affect the health of a person (Mitchell & Haroun, 2012: 288. Nerby & Otis, 2010: 111). Through the use of time management and problem-solving skills, internal stressors can be easily controlled by the person who has negative feelings or thoughts (Mitchell & Haroun, 2012: 288).

In general, good examples of external stressors include becoming exposed to negative events like divorce or break-ups, war, natural calamity, work-related pressure, and terrorism among others (Contrada & Baum, 2011: 2). Climate change such as excessive cold and heat is also a good example of external stressors that can cause illnesses and untimely deaths on humans (Hajat et al., 2014. Moini, 2012: 183).

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