Strawberry Spring

Write an essay comparing and contrasting “Strawberry Spring” by Stephen King and “The Man Who Loved Flowers” by Stephen King. Tell me in your thesis statement which story you prefer and give me three reasons why. These reasons are discussion points which can be developed in a separate body paragraph. Use quotes from the text to support your assertions. Give me an argument paper rather than plot summaries; assume that your audience is already familiar with the stories. You will be using the point by point method of essay organization. You will discuss both stories in each body paragraph under one of the discussion points.

Paper #3 should be a literary paper, and we use quotes from the text to support and to illustrate our assertions in this type of paper, so do give me direct quotes from the text in your body paragraphs. And because this paper needs to be written in a more formal academic style than the first two papers, I want you to follow these academic style writing guidelines for improving college writing style:

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Strawberry Spring
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1. In college writing you need to avoid second person “you.”

2. Also avoid contractions in academic writing, so write out all your contractions.

3. Prefer the active voice to the passive voice. Do not write a sentence like this one, “The home run was hit by Baker.”

Instead, put the subject in the first part of the sentence and write, “Baker hit the home run.”

4. Use the present tense when writing about literature rather than the past tense.

5. avoid ending sentences in prepositions.

6. Avoid weak sentence openings called “expletives” such as these: “There are” or “There is.”

7. Use phrases of attribution to introduce direct quotations.

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