Strategy Issues in Marketing.

Social media is a great marketing strategy for businesses, that being said, businesses need to analyze why it is important to utilize social media to promote a product or service. Questions such as, what are the business’ needs, why they are using the site, and who are they trying to target are all relevant in deciding whether or not to incorporate an SNS to the business. Even then there is still a multitude of sites that offer social networking capabilities for different purposes which you have to decide on. The shift from individual company websites to using social media for business has been drastic. Through these sites, companies can get direct information from customers through blogs and forums, in turn, giving the organization the benefit of fulfilling the wants and needs of customers in a more efficient manner. With the reduction in expenses of marketing, by using social media, companies are able to focus the attention more on the customer and offer freebies or giveaways to accompany the social networking campaign. A huge drawcard for companies to advertise on social media is the fact you can tailor your marketing campaign to a specific group of people. By these sites collecting information about the people using them through special algorithms, companies can provide exactly what the consumer desires. The major benefit for business’ is the cost saving of getting their company out there. Social media was extensively used in the presidential election of the US in 2008.

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