Strategies for reasonable people.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on negotiation strategies for reasonable people. Needs to be plagiarism free! &nbsp.Negotiation requires bringing out the personality in the negotiators to be able to create a relationship enabling them to negotiate effectively. It is about creating a good relationship where there is animosity. Being an effective communicator will lead to the achievement of desired goals. After creating a relationship with the other negotiating party, most negotiators are faced with the dilemma as to the decision to make now that the grounds are favorable. The author also believes having pre-set goals is very important as they guide the decisions made by the negotiators in line with the goals. To have the best goal in mind, serious preparation before the negotiation is required. The preparations the author recommends include taking time to come up with exactly what u desire is the first step without much consideration to the monetary benefit and cost since money is just a means to an end and not an end by itself. Being specific and optimistic on target is another important step to take when setting goals. Vague general goals are of little help when faced with slightly different options. Finally, maximize on the commitment to the goals by putting them in writing and having them in the negotiation table to keep you focused on your target. Therefore, a combination of personal skills and specific goal setting is the first step to a successful negotiation.

Moreover, the author states that it is important to pay attention to standards and practices acceptable in the field of negotiation. In most cases, the best price is the price that the buyer is willing and able to pay while the seller is also willing and able to sell at the same price. As much as creating a good relationship using interpersonal skills is relevant, the relationship should not be above or below standards.&nbsp.

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Strategies for reasonable people.
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