Strategic management- assessment 2014.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Strategic management- assessment 2014. It needs to be at least 3000 words. In other words, it can be stated that business model helps in recognising the fundamental changes for innovation and deliver value to the people. Different business organisations implement business model to analyse the industry competitiveness and satisfy the stakeholders. In this essay three organisation have been taken into consideration in order to analyse their business models, which includes Google, Facebook and Samsung (Loewe, 2009).

Google is a United States based leading multinational corporations, providing internet-based services across the globe. It is a leading search engine used by the people for rapid development and for enhancing the productivity. Google uses a strong business model for its smooth functioning driven with the objective of becoming one of the prominent sources of information for the people. The motive of the business model is to penetrate into the market with a strong growth rate for continuous revenue (Google, 2014).

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Strategic management- assessment 2014.
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Facebook is another well-known social networking company, which is intended to increase the level of communication amid the people across the globe. The services provided by the social networking site include personal communication and promotional services. The business model of Facebook is to create ‘Multi-sided Platform’ in order to serve different customer segments (Facebook, 2014).

On the contrary, Samsung is a leading brand providing various products and services to the people as per the market requirements. This is possible with help of the business model implemented by the company in order to increase the efficiency of the people (Samsung, 2014).

Contextually, business model involves every aspect of a company’s approach in order to develop profitability and ensure delivering quality services to the customer for greater effectiveness in the long run.

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