Strategic Management

** Discussion Question**

Using the information reported in Units 1 and 2 (The Coca Cola discussion assignments), Identify the three tiers of noncustomers, how the product(s) offer exceptional utility, and how the company’s core competencies can achieve a Blue Ocean Strategy.

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Strategic Management
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In regards to the Blue Ocean Strategy, we are doing a group assignment. We have chosen our main product to be the Apple IPhone. We are comparing it to Samsung Phones and LG phones. 

Each person in the group has to do a different part of the project- strategy canvas, buyer utility map, as synopsis on the blocks to customer utility that exist today, …… , 3 tiers of non-customer analysis.

My portion of the project goes after the synopsus of the blocks to customer utility. I have to write 2-3 pages outlining a plan to remove the blocks to utility specific to these organizations/industry. 

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