Stigmas of Mental Illness.

Thus, it will result in a lack of understanding of the mentally ill by the society. The mentally ill, shameful of being seen as psycho, lunatic, crazy, and as a black sheep, will often stay silent about their condition which, in turn, deprives them of essential services.

Evidently, there is little that has been done to educate the public of the predicaments and stigmatization that mentally ill people face (Eric, 2010). Some of the stigmas faced by the mentally ill when they disclose their conditions include rejection and ridicule at schools or workplaces, discrimination in social relationships, housing, employment as well as the rejection and ridicule on their families (Eric, 2010).The media has also been observed to exacerbate this discrimination, by presenting this illness negatively (Eric, 2010).

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This paper shall seek to understand the effects of adverse representations of the mentally ill. It will also show how society creates a vicious cycle of effects that leads to the mentally ill not getting the facilities that they would require to lead a happy and productive life. Through research and interviews, it will be established that some of the stigmas of mental illness include rejection and ridicule at school or work. Family members of the mentally ill are also affected with these similar rejections. Media portrays mental illness in a negative light and, thus, does not promote awareness issues. First, this study will explore how people are treated at work and school when they disclose their mental illness. Second, it will explore the impact that disclosing a mental illness has on family members. Lastly, it will explore the treatment of the media towards mental illness.

A mentally ill patient faces two kinds of stigma. The most prevalent is the public stigma. This is the reaction that that the public has on the mentally ill (Corrigan & Watson, 2002). 

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