Statement of purpose/ motivationa letter.

After gaining an overview of knowledge about all the aspects in a specific field of study, the purpose of doctoral degree, in my perception is to probe deep into a niche in the academic knowledge steam. It helps to unravel the undiscovered parts of the aspect and connect pieces together to obtain a unique shape and form, which has not been existent before. This contributes to the novelty of a research. This pattern of changes in education is similar to the business scenario of the world where the corporate houses need to adjust their strategies according to every change that occurs in their surroundings and in the global business environment.

Having chosen the stream of human resource management in my higher studies, I have developed a keen interest in the leadership traits and virtues essential to make the modern business flourish. With the changing time and organisational structures, the role and function of leaders have undergone vast changes. In the modern day’s corporate house, constant updating of information is essential for the leaders to steer forward their organization. As my CV reflects, maintaining the honour of the term ‘experiential learning’, I have also worked as assistant manager in HR and Administration of LESCO where monitoring other employees’ works and supervising the office operations were essential components of my job responsibilities. However unlike conventional research, where a library research is followed by experiential research, my career followed the reverse path. I gained the experience first and then my interest in the work, its associated responsibilities, and challenges urged me to take up Human Resource Management in my management degree course. I began working as admin officer in Endeavor (Private) Limited, following which I joined LESCO assuming the responsibilities mentioned above.

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Statement of purpose/ motivationa letter.
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