Statement of purpose in Architecture

Statement of purpose in Architecture

As one of those people, there is no doubt that I was also inspired and fascinated by the country’s rapid development. The reason is not only because the changes bring us more fresh topics, like video games, internet and smartphones. It is also because it evokes everyone’s potential energy and ignites the city’s passion, such as the growing skyscrapers, the remodeled infrastructure, and the extended community park. On the other hand, these changes complicated my understanding about the role of architecture in our lives. It gave me an opportunity to think about what the meaning and values of architecture are and how architecture can affect not just a person, but an entire society.

With five years of architectural study, research and practice, it helped me to establish a consciousness that kept me explaining, and questioning my surroundings. Though I was often confused, my studies inspired me to work through the many different changes in my living environment. It is a frustrated process because of the unknown and the fear of change. It is true that I was always been fettered and manipulated by some problems that were brought about by the change. People try to find a solution because there is a problem. However, the solution as part of the change can also bring many new problems and finally take us into a death loop.

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Statement of purpose in Architecture
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For example, what I learned from the structure class in the third year is what kind of relationship exists between the physical force and an architectural reaction been examined. Even though the physical force and the reaction influence each other, they integrate themselves into a co-work system so that they rely on each other and amplify their advantage. Also, when I drove around in Los Angeles with my mother, she kept asking me, “where is Los Angeles?” Is it because the highly developed infrastructure system alienate the emotion between people and cities?

Although the process was frustrating and lowered my confidence, the results can always be inspirational. The undergraduate program flamed my passion in discovering architectural interpretations. Pursuing of a master’s degree in architecture will give me an excellent chance to explore further intricacies of architecture.

With a Chinese international background, I always have a more diverse view to think and analyze the results that have been obtained. Through five years of architectural studies, I was very excited and happy to graduate in 2015. It is no doubt that, there were many relevant experiences and inspirations in my five years of study. However, one of the most significant things that I learned in college is the methods of thinking when we face challenges. The importance of these thinking approaches, is not only because of the impact on future architectural practice, but also because it may create a positive or a negative perception of the methodology.

Statement of purpose in Architecture
Architecture drawing

I still remember many of my classmates asking me if I would directly apply for master’s degree. Most of the classmates consider it necessary to have a temporary break before graduate school or to turn into the architectural practical position. However, what mainly concern me is the&nbsp.continuity in learning.&nbsp.Professional architects may think that the&nbsp.inexperienced and imprudent&nbsp.architecture students should accumulate their hands-on experience as soon as possible. However, as a 24 years old architecture student, I would prefer to use the advantage of my innocence and imprudence to project into my future graduate school study. It is crucial to set a sound basis before entering the real world. Otherwise, we may get a very confused and&nbsp.unsystematic practical experience.&nbsp.

For example, I was in the Sustainable Laboratory, Urban Garden Project in Downtown Tucson Arizona. Though the knowledge we learned in four years should be enough to make a design studio project successful, further learning is required. Nonetheless, there are still many challenges that we have to face, especially the problem of how to make a final decision that relates to the different methodologies. Most of us always lose the original priority when we discover and decide a solution. The result is bound to bring more trouble to the project and trip everyone down.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is very necessary to explore and accumulate more knowledge and experience that covers different areas through the graduate college. Comparing the graduate college to practicing in an architectural firm, the graduate college can offer more opportunities for diverse students to communicate, collaborate, and inspire each other. These opportunities are very necessary and significant for students to expand their perspective perception of the world. They also help them to locate their positions when they step into the real social practice.

The University of Arizona Graduate School of Design is a place that people can not only share their diversity and creativity on one platform, but also collaborate and create more broad knowledge through peoples different communications. Also, the strategy of instruction and researching, paying more attention to the interactional experience with various departments of architecture, in order to promote students comprehensive and perspective approaches of thinking are the reasons I choose the Graduate School of Design.

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